Grocery / Supermarket
Business Services

Grocery / Supermarket Business Services

By partnering with Bankcard Services, grocery stores and supermarkets can help customers get dinner to the table on time. Our grocery/supermarket merchant services are designed to provide fast, economical, and secure methods to get customers through the checkout process quickly and efficiently.

No matter how customers choose to pay, grocery and supermarket merchants need to continuously process orders. With options like coupon printing, self-service checkout, gift, and loyalty cards, Bankcard Services gives grocers the tools they need to serve customers effectively. We also provide processing for credit, debit, personal checks, and EBT payments.

Our solutions are geared toward the grocery and supermarket industry, and backed by a team of technicians 24 hours a day, seven days a week. We provide the latest technology and secure processing for merchants of all sizes, and design our products to easily interface with local networks. Merchants partnering with Bankcard Services can experience the satisfaction of quality products and services streamlined to make checkout a breeze.

Bankcard Services provides grocery and supermarket merchants with

  • Rapid payment processing
  • Secure and efficient voiding of transactions
  • Instant refunds and/or in-store credit
  • Online access to reports and transactions
  • Processing choices of accepting any major credit card, debit cards, gift cards, checks, or EBT