Loyalty Program


Start your own digital
punch card today!

A 100% paperless loyalty program that enables you to track customer visits and offer customized rewards to your best patrons.
Available nationwide.

This was set out to develop a way to help businesses build better relationships with their customers by leveraging the explosive growth in mobile. In doing so, we re-imagined the digital loyalty industry. It created an entirely new, carefully curated, more relevant source for consumers around the world to find amazing deals and rewards at their favorite local merchants. And, for merchants, they now have a simple way to track and reward their customers.

We’re committed to helping merchants better understand their
customers through data and analytics, and then using that information to craft innovative campaigns that drive measurable results. Our world-class team of Support Agents will be with you every step of the way to ensure your loyalty program is a success.

And then the pros are listed below :

The simplest loyalty
program in the nation

It’s easy to use for you AND your customers plus you capture valuable customer contact information so you can re-market to them and drive quicker repeat visits.

Easy to get started
Give your customers a card with simple instructions to download the app.

Easy to get punches
Customers scan your merchant Tag during each visit to receive their punch.

Easy to access data
View customer demographic and behavioral data through your online dashboard.

You will receive a marketing kit in the mail.

A few days after signing up, we will send you a complete to help get your customers excited about your new loyalty marketing kit program.

Signage inside plastic pop-up stand.
Lanyard with Tag for customers to scan.
Cards with easy app download instructions.

Why should you provide a loyalty program?

• Low cost, high value
• Collect critical customer data
• Access to robust analytics
• Easy to use
• Free marketing kit
• Ability to re-market to customers


No more hassling with paper punch cards.

Does NOT require a separate tablet or POS integration.