Check acceptance
For your business


Although there are many payment options available, some customers are still interested in purchasing goods or services with paper checks. For business owners, dealing with a bad check is troublesome. With Bankcard Services check acceptance solutions, you can now put the days of bounced checks behind you. This allows you to accept and process checks more quickly and efficiently than ever before.

When a customer pays by check, Bankcard Services’ merchants can complete transactions with no worries, as our state-of-the-art equipment allows you to convert checks into secure digital documents that ensure payment.

It is fast and convenient, making recordkeeping simple.

When you accept multiple forms of payments, you are creating opportunities to expand your business profits. Let BankcardServices help you connect customers with fast, convenient non-cash payment solutions like our check acceptance option. With all of our services, we provide 24-hour customer support, ensuring that your payment processing is secure and worry-free.