Consider Fleet Card Acceptance
To track and regulate purchases


Tap into the market of fleet cards with Bankcard Services’ fleet card acceptance processing solutions. Businesses track company purchases of fuel and maintenance with fleet cards, as many drivers use them to handle expenses rather than dealing with cash. Because these cards can only be used at businesses that accept fleet cards, merchants who do not accept them are missing out on huge sales opportunities. Whether your business is a gas station, convenience store, or repair shop, let Bankcard Services help you access a whole new stream of revenue.
In order to help merchants make the most of fleet card acceptance opportunities, Bankcard Services provides processing set-up and continuous support. We have the knowledge you need to access the multi-million dollar fleet industry’s major players, including Voyager, Wright Express, and Fuelman.

Enjoy these benefits from Bankcard Services

  • Attract new fleets and build customer loyalty
  • Reduce transaction fees
  • Facilitate customer relationships with fleet-specific rewards
  • Increase Sales

Bankcard Services provides merchants with flexible solutions and reliable equipment to create a convenient purchasing option for customers and their vehicles. As always, we provide customer support 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Take your business to the next level by contacting Bankcard Services about fleet card processing options.

Do not get left behind. Take advantage of the increased revenue possibilities through fleet.