Accept mail & Phone
Payments with ease


Make phone, mail, and fax payments trouble free with Bankcard Services payment processing solutions. Transactions that do not physically involve a credit card require a special merchant account, thereby increasing the risk of non-payment. When this occurs, processing companies take advantage by charging merchants higher fees.  By partnering with Bankcard Services, you can protect your business from unnecessary expenses. As experienced industry specialists, we educate merchants on various types of transactions, ensuring efficiency and convenience that keep costs down.
Bankcard Services provides merchants with top-of-the-line equipment and around the clock customer service and technical support. Our payment processing products allow you to enter credit card numbers manually or from your computer. Both options provide merchants with fast and secure processing options in a hassle-free way. We pride ourselves on giving clients the equipment and support necessary to help their businesses thrive.

Freedom and Flexibility

Mail, phone and fax processing services are perfect for caterers, florists, and anyone accepting payments without physically swiping a charge card. Contact Bankcard Services to find out how to give your customers the payment options they need.