Make wireless Payments while
you are away from your business


Take your business to the next level with Bankcard Services’ wireless payment options.  By giving customers the ability to pay the way they choose, merchants can focus more on profits than the logistics of payment.  Accepting payment from anywhere at anytime means you are free to do business outside of the box.

Bankcard Services provides secure and reliable transactions with around-the-clock technical support.  Our wireless terminals let you reach customers where they are instantly. All of our wireless equipment is PCI compliant, protecting your customer’s information with unique encryption technology.

These services also work for stationary merchants.  Aside from being convenient, wireless payment options allow flexibility in layout design.  Because there is no need to rely on landlines or power supplies, merchants are provided with unlimited potential to make their businesses stand out from the crowd. Do not let power outage stop your business from accepting payments.  Let Bankcard Services show you the power of real freedom.

Offering a Wide Variety of Services

  • Ability to charge all major credit cards
  • Almost instantaneous transactions
  • Securely encrypted transactions
  • Low rates
  • Access to the GPRS wireless network, the most reliable network available in the U.S.
  • The ability to store and forward transactions until later if coverage is poor
  • Add tips and tolls, or assign transactions to individual customers

Make your sales floor mobile with Bankcard Services’ wireless processing terminals. Installation is fast and technical support is only a phone call away. Take flexible payments with Bankcard Services and do business on the go.

Swipe Card Technology

When merchants enter transactions manually, higher processing rates apply. By using wireless terminals to swipe and process a transaction, you are able save both time and money in one easy swipe!