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PAYware Mobile e100

VeriFone® PAYware Mobile e100 Solution

VeriFone’s PAYware Mobile e100 is a payment solution for smart devices that allows merchants to accept payments wherever and whenever they do business. With PAYware Mobile e100, merchants can swipe a card, capture a signature and email receipts — with security and reliability — so they don’t miss a sales opportunity.



Three-in-One Portable Payment

The VX 690 is Verifone’s integrated 3G/Bluetooth/Wi-Fi solution – featuring advanced communications and functionality never before available. Ideal for flexible payment options, this portable handheld device delivers high performance in a new, purpose-driven design. The dynamic combination of high-speed 3G radio with powerful Wi-Fi and Bluetooth capabilities allows merchants to accept payments securely, extending their point of sale opportunities.

Powered by the VX Evolution platform, the functionality of this innovative device provides enough bandwidth for colorful graphics, pictures and videos on the brilliant 3.5” capacitive touch screen. Experience faster transaction processing and downloads. Efficiently manage operations and inventory within territories with built-in GPS. Connect and expand your reach with dual SIM. Multi-peripheral capability lets merchants add a barcode reader or biometric scanner to address various requirements. Plus, every transaction is backed by security that only Verifone can provide.



VeriFone® VX 680 Device

VeriFone’s VX 680 is a full-function, portable, payment device packed with optional integrated contactless and a large, color, touch screen.



Make Payments Wirelessly, from the Palm of Your Hands

The Vx 670 all-in-one wireless handheld payment device moves payments from countertops to the hands of consumers. It’s small, sleek and secure, but powerful thanks to its many options. The GPRS, WiFi and Bluetooth wireless technology are ideal for restaurants, bars, stadiums and delivery or transportation operations. The Vx 670 offers a large user interface, white backlit display and large keys. It’s also ruggedly designed to be drop and spill resistant and withstand demanding conditions.

The powerful chip processor completes transactions in seconds, making it highly valuable to waiting consumers. The Vx 670 comes with a high-capacity lithium-ion battery which can be quickly swapped with one hand and features a hidden integrated printer with a dual-tear bar that quickly produces receipts.



eriFone® VX 675 Device
VeriFone VX 675 Image

VeriFone’s VX 675 is a wireless handheld payment device, ergonomically designed to fit comfortably in hands of all sizes. Sleek and elegant, the VX 675 device is designed for restaurants, hospitality, delivery, transportation operations or any other pay-anywhere, pay-anytime environment. All in a drop-resistant case that can withstand even the most demanding conditions.