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Panini Vision neXt

Panini Vision neXt™ Solution

The Panini Vision neXt™ solution builds on Panini’s experience in distributed check capture. Vision neXt addresses common variables in check capture – environment, operator and document quality.


Panini Vision X 1F

Panini Vision X® 1F Scanner

With the ability to upgrade the 1F to a batch feeder supporting 50 or 100 documents, the Vision X capabilities can grow as your client’s business grows. With the Panini Vision X® portfolio of Distributed Capture Solutions, merchants can realize the advantages and efficiencies available with the digital transformation of the paper check.


Panini I:Deal

Panini I:Deal® Solution

The Panini I:Deal® check capture solution is designed for the needs of small business users of remote deposit capture (RDC). It features affordable cost of ownership combined with quality, performance and reliability. I:Deal utilizes patented technologies to deliver capabilities such as dual-sided image capture, document franking and advanced reading technologies in the areas of MICR and OCR. A pocketing capability helps minimize paper handling.


Panini wl:Deal

Panini wI:Deal™ Scanner

Extending and leveraging the superior design of the Panini I:Deal® check scanner, the Panini wI:Deal™ scanner is an enhanced version that supports all the features of the I:Deal while adding the ability to scan full page documents (including envelopes) and rigid documents such as ID cards and driver’s licenses. The Panini wI:Deal scanner is suited for businesses that need to accurately scan checks and associated documents for a complete payment transaction capture solution. Applications include virtual (or distributed) lockbox, small business remote deposit and vertical industry payment applications. It’s also a solution for capturing a variety of document types at the bank branch platform desk or teller station.