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RDM Synergy II

RDM Synergy II Solution

RDM SYNERGY II is an all-in-one (standalone) electronic payment solution for Electronic Check Conversion (ECC) and remote deposit capture (RDC) Check 21 transactions, as well as credit, debit, EBT and loyalty/gift cards. RDM SYNERGY II provides multiple application/ merchant support for all industry types including; retail, retail with tip, MOTO, hospitality, hospitality with tip.

In addition to RDM’s ‘single pass’ Progressive MICR Method, RDM SYNERGY II is equipped with IQA (Image Quality Analysis) for maximum accuracy. The compact design minimizes the use of counter space and offers a simple, straightforward user interface. With configurable double or single-sided imaging, integrated keypad, magstripe reader, thermal printer and franker, consider Synergy II for your client’s non-cash payments needs.



RDM EC9000i® Scanner

RDM’s EC9000i® auto feed scanner is a hybrid between a single feed scanner and a batch scanner. The EC9000i scanner helps improve daily check processing workflow with single or multi-feed capabilities. RDM’s EC9000i check scanner enables merchants to process any combination of checks, remittances and credit/ID cards. It can easily fit on a desktop and/or counter in a small, efficient footprint.



RDM EC751Xi® Scanner

RDM’s EC751Xi® check scanner is designed for low volume billers and small business merchants for Remote Deposit Capture (RDC) and electronic check acceptance. The EC751Xi scanner offers standard features including MICR E13B read, dual-sided imaging, USB 2.0 high speed connectivity and a 2-year warranty. Optional features are available for internal alphanumeric OCR A and B character recognition via application control for bill pay, remittance processing, a 3-track bi-directional Magnetic Stripe Reader (MSR) and a thermal receipt printer. The EC751Xi scanner can be configured as a single or dual-sided check imaging scanner capturing crisp clear binary images.



RDM EC7000i® Scanner

The RDM EC7000i® is a feature-rich, two-sided single item check scanner. With its small footprint, connectivity to popular point-of-sale (POS) terminals, and MICR and image technology, the EC7000i scanner provides an imaging solution for merchants and low volume billers who want to take advantage of the opportunities presented by Check 21. Utilizing RDM’s Progressive MICR Method, the EC7000i scanner delivers the highest MICR read accuracy which can result in lower administrative returns due to MICR misreads and rejects. The optional OCR E13B MICR Assist feature can be enabled to provide recognition, performance and accuracy to virtually 100% read rate.