MagTek - DynaPro


MagTek® DynaPro Device

The MagTek® DynaPro PIN-entry device protects the cardholder data whether it is read using the MagneSafe™ Secure Card Reader Authenticator (SCRA), contact or contactless smart card reader. With end-to-end security, the DynaPro device can help prevent card data breaches without compromising the speed and convenience of cardholders’ financial transactions.

Key Benefits:

Total Multi-payment Solution

– Meets EMV™ level 1 and 2 requirements
– Triple DES encryption
– DUKPT key management
– Device/mutual authentication
– Card data authentication
– Tokenization and masked data

Evolving Payment Technology

– USB HID Device or Ethernet Device
– Ergonomic and ruggedized design
– Secured by MagneSafe Security Architecture
– MagnePrint card authentication
– Generates dynamic payment card data with each swipe
– Real-time electronic signature capture (in some models)
– Optional Privacy Shield
– Backlit color LCD graphics
– Reads all standard ISO and AAMVA, EMV, Mifare and NFC cards

Opportunities Beyond Payment

– ICC Card Reading
– EMV contact/contactless Smart Card reader
– Fast and reliable reading of magstripe
– Reads up to 3 tracks of card data
– Bi-directional read
– Supports secure storage and erasure of encryption keys
– Cable protection mechanism
– Capacitive touch keypad system prevents tampering