Ingenico - iPP320


The Ingenico® iPP320 PIN pad pairs with Ingenico’s standalone countertop devices. Merchants are able to access a full menu of payment applications while their customers gain PIN protection and privacy.

The unique add-on design of the iPP320 PIN pad, used in conjunction with Ingenico’s iCT250 or iCT220 terminals, gives merchants the ability to seamlessly accept PIN-entry and contactless payments through a plug-and-play device. Lightweight, compact and self-contained, the iPP320 PIN pad plugs directly into an existing payment system or Ingenico countertop device for simple installation and instant integration. The iPP320 device is easy to use, streamlines payment, and helps improves the overall purchase experience.

Key Benefits:

Total Multi-payment Solution

With integrated Telium2 architecture and a wealth of connectivity and features, Ingenico’s iPP320 PIN pad accepts all existing forms of electronic payment, including contactless, magstripe, Chip & PIN, and mobile/NFC

Evolving Payment Technology

It is fully EMV™ and PCI PTS V3 certified.

Opportunities Beyond Payment

It also supports the latest international security algorithms.