Ingenico - iWL222 and iWL252


Ingenico® iWL222 and 252 (Bluetooth) Solutions

Ingenico’s iWL222 & 252 solutions use commercial grade Bluetooth connectivity, enabling merchants to accept all forms of electronic payment quickly, easily and securely. They can accept electronic payments anywhere — in-store, curbside or at the table. The iWL222 & 252 devices allow customers the convenience to pay at the location services are received.

Key Benefits:

Total Multi-payment Solution

Ingenico’s iWL series products are small, lightweight and convenient.

Evolving Payment Technology

With integrated Telium2 architecture and secure, reliable Bluetooth connectivity, iWL222 & 252 solutions incorporate advanced features and functions.

Opportunities Beyond Payment

Powerful Li-ion batteries deliver up to 650 transactions on a single charge.