Panini - Panini Vision X 1F


Panini Vision X® 1F Scanner

With the ability to upgrade the 1F to a batch feeder supporting 50 or 100 documents, the Vision X capabilities can grow as your client’s business grows. With the Panini Vision X® portfolio of Distributed Capture Solutions, merchants can realize the advantages and efficiencies available with the digital transformation of the paper check.

Key Benefits:

Total Multi-payment Solution

– Economic, entry-level reliability that can be placed at low-volume locations without compromising image quality, MICR reading, or scalability, helping to ensuring lower cost transactions transaction costs and while minimizing the costs associated with errors and manual intervention
– Ability to match performance requirements with a low volume, single feed solution

Evolving Payment Technology

– Ergonomic feeder with automatic document detection and feeding, eliminating the need to manually feed documents.
– Same small footprint and quiet operation as other members of the Vision X family
– Full compatibility and easy integration with the Panini family of products

Opportunities Beyond Payment

– Preserves the “U shaped” track wall for outstanding document handling and easy removal of jams or foreign objects
– Two image cameras offering the ability to capture the front and rear image of documents in a single pass
– Includes a large exit pocket ideal for maintaining transaction sequence integrity