VeriFone - VX675


eriFone® VX 675 Device
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VeriFone’s VX 675 is a wireless handheld payment device, ergonomically designed to fit comfortably in hands of all sizes. Sleek and elegant, the VX 675 device is designed for restaurants, hospitality, delivery, transportation operations or any other pay-anywhere, pay-anytime environment. All in a drop-resistant case that can withstand even the most demanding conditions.

Key Benefits:

Total Multi-payment Solution

– Accepts payment wherever it’s required — anywhere, any time
– Ideal for restaurant, hospitality, delivery or transportation operations
– Vibrant color screen with integrated NFC or contactless option and printer for fast and convenient payment

Evolving Payment Technology

– Securely and efficiently accepts credit and PIN-based debit cards with a vertical mag-stripe reader
– Offers new opportunities in markets where speed and convenience are important
– Compatible with the widest range of global applications, including American Express ExpressPay, Discover Network Zip, MasterCard PayPass, Visa payWave, MiFare and many local specifications

Opportunities Beyond Payment

– Backward compatibility minimizes training and speeds integration into new markets
– VX 675 enables long-range 3G HSPA+ wireless payment for retailers on the go
– VeriFone’s quality and reliability help ensure that the VX 675 is a valuable investment going forward

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